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Does anybody get both prescribed? If you are, how do you fill them as one or the other is usually flagged due of interactions between them both?

Can I get both of their prescriptions at once?

My psychiatrist wants to gradually reduce my clonazepam dosage so that I may continue to get pain medications from my doctor. Does this work well for weaning off. How would you advise someone to taper off clonazepam? Or what do you suggest I tell my doctor who wrote my clonazepam prescription. I can’t take both, according to my doctor for pain management. Even if it’s true that you can’t take both at a low level, I’m not sure of that.

I am unable to accept half.05 mg in the morning as opposed to one full.05mg per night for the first week in a row.

Second week, then, is split in two.second week p5 morning & night

Third week: switch to taking the half at night instead of the morning dose.

Take the first part of the fourth week off.

My doctor advised me to do that, right?

Is it going to work or do I need more time?



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